Priority areas

ProTromsø will facilitate the establishment of start-ups and businesses in the private and public sectors that create economic ripple-effects and knowledge-based jobs. The following areas of priority are:

A city for transition and energy

Global challenges such as climate, energy, sustainability and demographics are also relevant in Tromsø. The EU’s Green Deal targets several of these areas and is guiding for the Municipality of Tromsø’s commitment to transition. Local business/industry and knowledge environments combined with regional advantages enable Tromsø to contribute to new energy solutions. This can provide access to new markets. 

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs

Tromsø is a hub for expertise in the north with many leading specialist environments. This provides a unique opportunity for value creation. Stronger links between the knowledge sector and the business and industry sectors will create favourable conditions for more entrepreneurship. It will be important to strengthen business development through the establishment of good innovation environments in connection with the university/research institutions. 

Business-oriented research and technology

Business/industry and academia developing technology in space-earth, digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence provides Tromsø with a unique competence base. Local actors have the potential to develop solutions for transition within areas such as energy, fisheries (including illegal fishing) and e-health. This will provide new industries and jobs. Tromsø will be a national hub for space-based earth observation. 

Marine industries and biomarine focus

The marine industries are a crucial pillar in the north and Tromsø plays significant role. It’s desirable for even greater local ripple effects within the blue bioeconomy in the entire value chain, from production to product as well as related service industries. Biotechnology is an important tool for the green transition. With our knowledge environment and business cluster in blue biotechnology at the international forefront, we can develop even more sustainable and circular solutions and create new industries. 

Tromsø as an attractive host city

A good hosting attitude is important for business/industry and public institutions to choose Tromsø. An attractive, active city with many offerings is crucial for young people, students, families and future employees to have the desire to move to and stay in Tromsø. Consequently, growth and value creation must be seen in connection with place development and good provisions for young people. Tromsø is an outgoing, multicultural city where urban offerings, such as culinary highlights and cultural life, may be combined with magnificent nature and recreational experiences. The Sami identity in the north forms an important part of this. Tromsø is a popular destination for festivals and conferences and has competent local providers. Good accommodation capacity and one of the country’s largest international airports offer opportunities for growth in sustainable tourism.